PAGEL VS grout


  Pagel grout (Pfeifer Box): Pagel VS / VS-P ( Пагель ВС)  




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  Pagel VS Pagel VS-P          
Пагель VS grout Пагель VS-P filler grout
  • rigid joint grouting to connect concrete parts with PFEIFER-VS® BOX system elements
  • grouting of tensile-and transverse-force stressed and strained prefabricated joints in connection with PFEIFER-VS® BOX
  • grouting of connections with:
    PFEIFER column base system
    PFEIFER wall shoe system
  • Joint filler grout used in the building authority approved PFEIFER-VS®-Rail Systems BZ250 and TZ100
  • For filling vertical and horizontal joints between prefabricated reinforced concrete parts
  • For filling building joints, groves and hollow spaces
  • high flowability for at least 90 minutes; easy to pour
  • controlled expansion with a rigid bond
  • low development of warmth
  • low modulus of elasticity
  • frost and deicing-salt resistant
  • certified to fire protection class A1 as specified by EN 13501 and DIN 4102
  • non-shrinking joint filler grout, with a gel-like consistency
  • pumpable
  • develops high early and final strengths
  • water-impermeable
  • frost and deicing-salt resistant
  • Certified to fire protection class A1 as specified by EN 13501 and DIN 4102
    Additives used in these products have an ”EG-Conformity Explanation” according to § 9 ”Building Product Law Authorization”. Thus the additives correspond to the regulations of the EN 934-2:2001-07.