Pagel V12


Pagel V12 ( Пагель В 12)

(0 – 8 mm) 5 – 100 mm grouting height


Материал Pagel V12 заменён на материал Pagel V1/50



controlled and even expansion with a rigid bond between concrete foundation and machine base plate
 high early and final strength: 24 h: 52 N/mm2, 28 d: 90 N/mm2 (20 °C)
 low modulus of elasticity in connection with high bending strength: 24 h: 6 N/mm2, 28 d: 12 N/mm2 (20 °C)
 resistant to cracks even when having a low w/c-value
 resistant to freeze/thaw cycles, waterproof, resistant to oil and petrol
 pumpable and easy to pour – even when having low temperatures
 externally tested and factory quality control according to the “Merkblatt für Vergussmörtel” (“Leaflet for Grouts”) (DBV)
 permission for use in drinking water areas  “Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung” (General Constructional Permission)
Mo. Z–3.21–1461 (DIBt) for the Additive-Concentrate  for different grouting heights we have the following
PAGEL V13 (0 – 1 mm) < 20 mm grouting height
PAGEL V12 (0 – 8 mm) 5 – 100 mm grouting height
PAGEL V12/16 (0 –16 mm) > 100 mm grouting height


 grouting height 20 to 70 mm
 universal-grout for precision machines of any kind  anchor screws, leveling units and sole plates
 turbines, generators, compressors, diesel engines and other power equipment operating under heavy vibration
 steel and concrete columns  prefabricated concrete units and structural steelworks
 bridge bearings and construction joints  crane rails and radio telescopes  steel and blast-furnace plants as well as mines
 paper plants, chemical plants and refineries


Storage: 12 months
Packaging: 25-kg-bags
Test Certificate: MPA
Additive: Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (General Construction Permission) No. Z–3.21–1461
Cement types: Supply may take place with various
cement types, however, the technical
characteristics will change through this.
Should you have any questions, please
do not hesitate to contact our advisory service
All named testing dates were found out when having a temperature of 20 °C.


SURFACE: Clean thoroughly, free of loose and unsound material, remove any cement slurry by means of hydraulic water-blasting or similar till carrying capacity of grain
structure is reached. Sufficient adhesion must be granted (i. m.  1.5 N/mm2). Prior to grouting, the surface must be
wetted continuously for approx. 6 hours till saturation
FORMWORK: Must be of rigid construction, with sand or dry mortar being placed around the concrete base carefully to prevent leakage.
MIXING: The grout is ready for use, only water is to be added. Measure out the correct quantity of water and fill two thirds of this into a concrete mixer, add the dry mortar
and mix for about 3 minutes. Then fill in the remaining water
and mix for another 2 minutes. Grouting then should take place immediately.
GROUTING: Place the mixed grout from one side or corner only in one continuous pour. When grouting large areas we
suggest to pour starting from the middle – using a pipe or funnel. When installing machines fill the anchor bolt pockets
first (up to approximately top of anchor bolt pockets) and then the underside of the machine. Potlife: approx. 120 min.
CAUTION: Open areas must be protected against wind, draught and premature evaporation by using for example
plastic foil or O1 PAGEL-CURING AGENT.
Heights and shoulders around base plates must not exceed 50 mm. Before placing in freezing conditions please contact our Technical Department. Low temperature working conditions retard the strength development and reduce the flowability while high temperatures accelerate the same.